Activity Bank

These activities below allow persistence, problem-solving, and creativity while learning another language. Take a look below for some activities to jump in and explore.

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In this project, you will make a game where you move a shark around to try and catch fish.

Catch The Bus

In this project, you will create an animation with sprites that run or fly to catch a bus.

Cat goes skiing

In this project, you will create a skiing game in which you have to avoid randomly appearing obstacles to score points.


In this game, each player makes one type of mark, either: X or O. The winner is the player who gets three in a row!


In this project, you’ll learn how to create a platform game in which the player has to dodge moving balls to reach the end of the level.


Create a game in which you have to guide a parrot past scrolling pipes to score points.

Shoot at clay targets and see how many you can hit. Games such as first-person shooters, rail shooters, or even Fruit Ninja have a similar design.

Room Escape

Can you solve the puzzles and find the secret codes to escape the room? Room Escape games are about solving puzzles and exploring to figure out how to escape a room.

Cat and Mouse

In this game, you are a mouse who needs to get through a maze to get to the cheese. Don’t get caught by the cat though!